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NEW: Official website of the Free Radio Now also in the social network VK.com. At: https://vk.com/svobodneradio

Note: Programs in our archive (of this year) do not play Because of a technical error on our site. Referring to: you can get across Them downloaded to your computer, click on the link “Download”. (Below the play button show) Then you can listen Then it on your computer in a player That You Have Installed.

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Unofficial archive of the Free Radio on YouTube:   HERE

Alternative Stream listening: HERE   

Mobile Stream:  AAC plus 32 kbps, in an external player: HERE

Backup stream: HERE

Another backup stream: HERE

Extra backup stream: HERE

Stream to listen to the radio on YouTube in operation: HERE

Reserve stream listening to the radio on Facebook: HERE

Currently, referring to: inflected word freedom in all cases. The sea, referring to: the word is used ‘the less Fulfilled ITS importance. Freedom, in all directions, declining as much as they ‘That abused word. Basically just a front. The more anyone wants to suppress human freedom, the more he talks about it. It is a paradox of time. Humanity, not only in our republic and in Europe, but response throughout the world, Deprived of the most basic human Freedoms every day, every new přijetým law of every country in the world, Because all the Currently accepted laws of all countries of the world are directed against people, Their freedom in any direction.

Everywhere, without exception, it is the most powerful of this world, the only thing most people get rid of self-determination, HIM Deprive of freedom of thought, obtaining truthful and Unbiased information and accordingly direct Their Own Decisions and direction. Their purpose is not inflate the greatest number of people in the world Their opinions, Their thoughts, Their reasoning it Those Who Then go to the butcher sheep under the knife, Even Those Who are heading there and lead, applauded. And as we see every day around you They are doing it. Of the Patriots to racists and xenophobes, the Traitor will to a holder of different awards, Becomes The Truth and Lie and Lie and Truth is Considered alcohols. Yes, this world works today, the world That is at the instigation of the dark forces have already embarked on a pilgrimage to his destruction. The world and the people in it go and excited about Themselves as They are aware, smart and administrative. And Those Who point out That the king is in FACT naked, stoned words sulfur poison spit and spit flames of hatred. Yes, That is so powerful and dark forces of the world, let us call Them as we want iluminatis NWO Or Bilderberg led the world’s ITS own destruction.

Referring to: is there still enough people WHO remember the feeling of Belonging to Their native countries of the WHO have not yet know what it is patriotism WHO understand the difference Between HIM and bohapustým nationalism, Which seeks to Defame rulers true patriotism. Yet there are people WHO Want Their fellow Citizens truthfully, not really in the true sense of the word, truthfully Informed About Everything That is happening in our country and in the world. And yet there is, Fortunately, a lot of people Who would want to listen to true words.

And for Them, for you, dear listeners, this is absolutely the Free Radio was created and is here for you. Never, never really happens fiat alternative, as other media, Which Have In Their name Also it lofts word freedom, and yet Introduce ITS listeners from the right and straight path changes, somewhere on the side paths, Which are lost in the maze of trivia and Pozane. Free radio from his straight and narrow path never matter, as well as the people behind it, never actually met on the path of truth, the real truth and not the sluníčkářské and utterly Distorted.

Free radio broadcasts Freely for single people and never will be no different.

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